I'm an artist and a self-taught film photographer based between Germany and Portugal.

Since I was born in 1988, it means that I'm completely aware that spandex leggins and animal-printed shirts once were THE thing and that I grew up without much digital equipment until the age of 15. That said, there's no wonder why I still appreciate reading a good printed book, listening to vinyl records, writing on a typewriter, and course, prefer shooting on film. 

I have a former background in Landscape Architecture but a specific interest for the dances of people and places on their everyday lives, made me redirect my studies into Fine Arts. So then, in 2014 I have graduated with distinction at the M.A in Art and Design for the Public Space with a thesis in Disruptive Practices in the Daily Routine - Analysis of a Creative Process in the Dancing Place of the City.

Besides my artistic and photographic work, I'm also editor assistant at

Artist Statement

The scenarios of a city changes within an unceasing velocity. This why these continuous metamorphosis, in a metaphorical way, turns it into a dancing place. Also at this place, there are seen transitory encounters of transients who perform under a condition often automatized . In this condition, the state of immersion can sometimes be so excessive – compromised with the tensions of the everyday routines – that sometimes the transient doesn’t remember the commute that he has made or doesn’t enjoy of a pleasant experience. 

How to break this state of innatentional blindness – what happens when we are incapacitated to see unexpected events, although totally visible and relevant to our space by the simple fact that we are focused in other things? And how is it possible to make the passerby feel not just a passenger, but a guest in the public space?

Regarding the above questionings, my investigation and repertoire can be split in two parts. In one hand my photographic work is an attempt to portray the beauty I find on those everyday dances, in other, through an use of different territories of performative art practice, an attempt to disrupt them.

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